Slab Necklace

The NiftySlabs Necklace.  Wear your collection around your neck.

Custom moulded case that safely holds your slabbed cards and allows you to easily swap them out for the slab that fits your mood, or need.

No more walking around NFT meetups not knowing who anyone is in irl.  Perfect for nft conferences, or just pfp flexing down at 7-eleven.

Attach the case to your own necklace thanks to the moulded ring attachment, so your chain can still reflect your blong preferences.  Magnetic case that allows for an easy swapping out of your NiftySlabs.

Necklace and slab not included.



Turn your 1 of 1 NiftySlabs into an NFT-shirt.  Need something to wear at that next NFT conference?  Or just looking to take your streetwear game up a notch?  The NiftySlabs NFT-shirts come in a range of colors and sizes.

Submit a link to the NFT you’d like to wear, and we’ll take your merch game up a notch.

Modular Frames


How’s your frame game!?  Choose how many slabs you’d like to display.  From 1 all the way up to 10, these custom frames are sure to take your NiftySlabs collection to the next level.

It’s the perfect way to display your collection, turning slabs into art.  A true talking point for any home or office.  The back of the frame comes with a display, so you can still see each card’s unique traits etc, without having to remove them from the display.

  • Choose any combo of card displays, from 1-10
  • Easily displayed in home or office


1751 collectors have had their NFTs turned to 1/1 NiftySlabs

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