What address do I send payment to?

For ethereum mainnet transactions, our digital wallet address for payment is: NiftySlabs.eth OR 0x5B4A139263F790722B6f485cd9Fd9b95EDE6D178

Does price include shipping?

Yes, price includes the costs of international express shipping. It does not however include any potential duties charges for countries like EU.  We ship with DHL express and you will be emailed directly from DHL on collection, with a tracking number.

Why can’t I see my card in the ‘Slab Archive’?

The Slab Archive is updated manually.  We try to do this every month, but sometimes we are too busy slabbing!  We have multiple other way of ensuring your NFT doesn’t get slabbed again, so if you don’t see your card appear in the archive, don’t worry…it will be added in there eventually.

Do I get a tracking number when shipped?

We use DHL express for our worldwide shipping.  When DHL collect your parcel, you will receive an email directly from them, with your tracking number.

Can I slab any NFT?

You can slab any NFT where you’re granted some non-exclusive IP rights/ownership.  So best to check with the project owners or artist if unsure.  We 100% respect people’s ownership and won’t knowingly slab a project we know hasn’t granted you rights.

Do you slab non-eth NFTs?

Yes we do!

We can slab Sol, KSM, Tezos and a range of other chains.  We also accept a range of different currencies like $APE.  When you order your slab you’ll see a drop down of blockchains to choose from.  If you can’t see the chain your NFT is on, please DM us on Twitter @NiftySlabs or email us at: NiftySlabs@gmail.com and we will get it added straight away.  Payment still needs to be made from the wallet holding the requested NFT.


What if I’m not happy with the quality?

We exist for the ‘joy of collecting’.  If you’re not completely satisfied with your NiftySlabs, we offer a no questions asked 100% refund.  You keep the slab, and get your money back.  No risk. No hassle. No BS.

How long does it take to receive?

Please allow up up to 14 days to produce your custom NiftySlabs.  In times of high demand, it may take slightly longer.  These are bespoke, handmade products, that take time and care.

After it’s designed, printed and slabbed, we ship it via DHL Express.  Shipping can take anywhere from 5 days to 12 days, depending on where you live in the world.

Signature Editions will take longer, due to the logistics of having the founders/artists hand sign the cards.

How do I order and pay?

You order buy clicking from the main menu, the ‘Get Your NFT Slabbed‘ page and following the instructions.  You will be presented with the wallet to send your payment to on Step 3 of the order process.  Remember to pay for your slab from the SAME wallet that’s holding your NFT, so we can verify you own it.

Why do I have to pay in crypto?

We use your crypto/digital wallet to verify you are the owner of the NFT you’d like slabbed. Please ensure therefore, the wallet you pay for your NiftySlabs with is the SAME wallet that is holding the NFT token, so we can check and verify. This ensures no one can slab a token they don’t own.

How much does it cost?

To have one of your NFTs slabbed and catalogued on NiftySlabs, firstly choose the blockchain on which the NFT exists (eth, sol etc) on our ‘Get Your NFT Slabbed‘ page.  This will then show you the price of a slab in that chain’s native currency.  We reserve the right to adjust pricing.  We also regularly partner with collections to offer you discounted rates, so the price on these slabs will likely be cheaper at certain times throughout the year.  Please join our discord for all the alpha and announcements.

Are the cards actually graded?

We take considerable care handling and producing our cards, so they are delivered to you in the highest possible condition.  We aren’t however a grading company, so the card may not be a comparable GEM MT10 with other specialist grading companies like PSA etc.

How do you guarantee 1/1?

We catalogue every order into our ‘Slab Archive’.  You can view that on our website.  This archive or registry, is a record of every NFT that has been slabbed.  Our order form cross checks this database and will not let you proceed with the order, if it finds a match (or pre-existing slab for that NFT).  We also have manual checks in place beyond this order form, to further ensure never more than the one order for any unique NFT is created into a NiftySlab.


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