1. Custom designed cards that match your unique Metropolis World NFT, including stories and features of the property.
  2. 25%+ discount on RRP for Metropolis World holders, to just 0.04e/slab.
  3. Shipped express tracked worldwide. From Metropolis World to your door.

About the Project

Metropolis World is a 360° curated universe that blends unique properties, e-commerce, gaming, art & experiences that span both the digital & real world. It is a metaverse experience that is unique and bespoke in both design and quality. Its virtual landscape boasts stunning art, a marketplace that bridges the digital and the physical, as well as a packed itinerary of curated programming and events.

Every building within the genesis city, Celeste, is a 1×1 mintable, hand-drawn NFT developed by visual and story artists with their own characters, history, and purpose within the world itself. The combination of story-driven NFTs, exciting experiences, and expanding digi-physical offerings position Celeste as the first Capital City of the Metaverse.

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Secure your

We don't use fiat because we verify you're the NFT holder by matching the wallet address used for payment, with the wallet address holding the NFT. This ensures the NFT holder is the only one able to secure your 1 of 1 NiftySlab. We accept all NFT chains – if you don’t see your one listed, drop us a line.

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We take your privacy and anonymity seriously. We require your details for shipping and customs, but these will never be shared, are properly secured and are also destroyed once shipment is complete. We do require an email to communicate with you should we need to get in touch along the way.

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Each NiftySlabs' label by default includes the collection name and item number as well as a unique number for search and catalogue purposes. Our catalogue system guarantees there will only ever be 1 printed of that NFT, so you can be assured you have the only one in the world. You can see what's been slabbed in the Slab Archive.

Slab Sample

This is a randomised example of a previous NFT we've slabbed. Click 'flip over' at the bottom to see the back of the card. Nifty huh?

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